Laser melting simplifies the production of complex components.

Additive manufacturing:

Complex geometrical shapes such as hollow bodies or lattice structures represent the limits of feasibility for classic casting processes. Conventional methods may also make producing components quickly or in small quantities uneconomical. KSB has thus been investing in 3D printing technology for some years. In this innovative process, a laser controlled via a data set melts metal powder onto a platform, creating components layer by layer. It takes specialised know-how and years of experience with materials to ensure that these “printouts” offer the same quality as traditionally cast components. Drawing on this expertise, the technology offers completely new design and manufacturing options.

Marco Linhardt, development engineer for additive manufacturing in Pegnitz
“I am fascinated by the design possibilities offered by this new technology. Laser melting allows us to produce components which would be impossible to create using conventional processes.” Marco Linhardt

In order to test and further refine materials and processes, KSB has set up a centre for additive manufacturing in Pegnitz. Here, several laser melting systems are already in operation.

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