Digital Transformation

We seek to harness the potential of ­digitalisation to achieve high levels of ­efficiency, performance and fault-free operation. KSB has developed a bold transformation strategy in three key areas.

Products and services: In order to offer user-friendly products and efficient support services, we work together with our customers to establish their needs from technical data to operation. This allows us to pinpoint where digitalisation can unlock new opportunities and develop tailored solu­­tions offering added value.

Internal processes: Implementing the digital transformation helps make our processes quicker, more agile, and thus more effective. KSB’s long-­term goal is to secure a seamless flow of information between different media: All product data – from development to configuration, production and shipping – should be available at any time and in any location.

Technologies: We are looking to combine our classic engineering expertise with know-how in the digital realm. KSB is therefore investing in developing its own cloud systems, researching materials for 3D printing and building digital infrastructure. This will form a basis from which to offer innovative solutions for the entire product life cycle.

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