In the future, every smart pump will be connected to the KSB Cloud. A digital copy is created based on all of its data. This “digital twin” enables us to react ahead of time or implement defined measures as soon as operating data indicates that a critical point has been reached.

The KSB Cloud:

We are networking our products, processes and services with each other. Reliability, safety and transparency remain central throughout this process. The first digital twins of KSB’s smart pumps went live on our network at the beginning of 2018. They replicate the exact conditions of the monitored pump sets. For our customers, this is a step forward in the efficiency and reliability of systems operation. In the future, the KSB Cloud will provide the data basis for all accounting, production and order-handling processes, including simplified spare parts supply.

Dr. Thomas Paulus, Head of Digital Transformation, in conversation with Miriam Rischer, KSB Guard project manager
“We are harnessing the ­benefits of digitalisation for our cus­tomers. In 2018 we will launch to market an innovative pump monitoring unit networked to the cloud.” Dr. Thomas Paulus

2017 saw KSB found a Business Innovation Lab in Mannheim with the aim of developing new digital business models. The idea of combining a start-up environment in the university town with KSB’s wealth of experience is paying off: Two new developments have already been implemented – one of them a cloud-based monitoring unit.

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