Today, almost 70 percent of all standardised pumps operate at a constant motor speed. The MyFlow Drive allows “virtual impeller trimming” in that a fixed speed pump can be adjusted to the required operating point.

MyFlow Drive:

A system’s operating conditions often differ substantially from the parameters originally planned. As a result, over-sized pump sets are not uncommon. In the past, rectifying the situation required operators to make costly changes to their hardware. The new Industry 4.0-compatible MyFlow Drive allows a fixed motor speed to be set in line with individual requirements. This provides users with greater planning reliability as the pump’s flow rate can be increased or decreased quickly and easily. Another plus point: As the minimum frequency inverter modulates the supply voltage of the IE5 synchronous reluctance motor, the drive can also be operated on almost any power grid worldwide.

Josephine Vega Völk and Dr. Jochen Schaab played a key role in developing KSB’s MyFlow technology.
“Our MyFlow Drive is a revolution in pump technology. In the past, changes in system conditions meant the impeller had to be trimmed mechanically. Today, the adjustment is achieved virtually.” Josephine Vega Völk

MyFlow Drive is an innovation from KSB’s in-house research and development teams. They work on the automation of products, processes and services to ensure these are as efficient as possible and offer sustainable reliability.

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