1. Abbreviations

    American National Standards Institute
    American Petroleum Institute
    API 610
    New edition of a centrifugal pump code for the petrochemical industry
    Gross domestic product
    ISO 14001
    International standard stipulating requirements for environmental management systems
    International Labour Organisation
    International Monetary Fund
    Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
    [German Engineering Federation]
  2. Key Corporate and Technical Terms

    Additive manufacturing
    Previously referred to as rapid prototyping; it describes a process which enables quick and cost-effective production of patterns, samples, prototypes, tools and final products.
    Business Innovation Lab
    A think tank where a KSB team develops future-proof business models for the age of digitalisation
    CE marking
    The CE marking documents that goods are in conformity with the health and safety requirements of the European Union.
    Activities in the oil and gas industry are categorised as upstream or downstream. The term “downstream” is used to describe the processing of crude oil into petroleum products.
    GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
    Standard for measuring CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions
    IE5 synchronous reluctance motor
    Highly energy-efficient motors whose specially designed rotor laminations guide the lines of magnetic flux. Rare earths are not required to manufacture these motors.
    Installed Base
    KSB sales channel for expanding business in the area of spare parts and support services
    International Labour Organisation (ILO)
    The specialised agency of the United Nations is responsible for setting and implementing international labour and social standards.
    Make in India
    Indian government campaign to boost India’s domestic economy
    One Belt, One Road
    Chinese government project to develop an intercontinental infrastructure network between China and countries in Asia, Europe and Africa
    Rapid prototyping
    See additive manufacturing
    Refurbishment of pumps as an alternative to buying new products
    SAP C4C
    Cloud-based IT solution for customer relationship management in Sales and Service
    Groups of persons that are directly or indirectly affected by the activities of a company; KSB’s main stakeholders are our customers, suppliers, investors, employees and the public.
    UN Global Compact
    United Nations initiative for responsible company management based on ten universal principles
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